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 We believe that the great purposes and promises that God has made to the ministry will have a faithful fulfillment. God is faithful and his promises will never fail. What he has declared with his mouth about our ministry his hand will execute. Glory to God for his faithfulness!

 We desire to motivate and challenge you to get involved in any of our diverse ministries in the church. Our ministry vision is to reach and win the lost souls and for this purpose we are forming LifeGroups in the cities of Salem, Lynn, Lawrence, and Chelsea. The purpose of these groups is to strengthen the new believers and to reach the lost through the study of the Word of God. You can be part of one of these groups and by these means support the work of the church.

 As a ministry we exist to fulfill the purposes and the work given by God to the church the primary one being the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We will be out of the will of God until we are dedicated to the work of reaching the lost. The heart of God cries for the salvation of humanity; ours should also weep and burn with the passion of winning souls for Christ.

As pastor I exhort you not to be a passive believer. The work is great, the harvest is much and the workers few. Still, the voice of Jesus can be heard telling his disciples “Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers to the harvest.” Jesus is seeking volunteers willing to work to not lose the harvest of souls that is ready to be reaped.

You can be an effective worker, you just need to get involved and support one of the LifeGroups. In this way you will be helping so that the harvest of God, which is the souls, is not lost.

 In the Kingdom of God there is no place for passive servants. God expects that each one works for the multiplication and growth of the goods of the Kingdom (souls). The church does not need people to come from other ministries to grow; that is not growth. We grow when we win lost souls; when, through the evangelistic work of each LifeGroup, souls are reached for God. Speak with the Pastors and be part of this exciting and glorious work. Don’t stay out, get involved in the work of the ministry.

 Let us do great things for God and let us expect great things from God.


Pastor Reyes

Service Times

Wednesday, Bible Study and

Prayer Service, 7:00 PM

 Sunday, Worship Service, 11:00 AM

Life Groups throughout the week,

contact us for more information.

We are located at:

  54 Margin Street
Salem, MA 01970

Phone: 978-594-8078

Toll Free: 877-774-7117


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